Sidd introduces Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak

Sidd introduces Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak

Sidd intros Past President of Toastmasters International

Sidd introduces Past President of Toastmasters International

Sidd intros former CIO of US Dept of Transportation

Sidd introduces former CIO of US Dept of Transportation

As a Master of Ceremonies, Sidd is an event planners dream come true.
Event planners love him because he is a certified Project Management Professional that has emceed and coordinated over 70 events with an average of 250 attendees per event.
Staff love him because he knows so much about presentation technology that he is a safety net if they get in over their head.  He has provided advanced technical support for a 3 day technology conference with over 100 speakers.
Speakers love him because he knows what speakers need and how to set them up so they can deliver at their best.
Hosts love him because he knows how to prevent disasters, minimize mistakes and put a professional polish on any event.
Audiences love him because he uses humor and psychology to insure they get their money’s worth.

He has introduced many luminaries in business, science, communication and engineering to audiences as large as 1,600 people.

Here are a few:

Steve Wozniak Co-founder of Apple Computer,
Inventor of the Personal Computer
Steven Cooper CIO of US Dept. of Commerce,
First CIO of US Dept. of Homeland Security,
CIO of American Red Cross
H. Martin Lancaster Former US Congressman, Special Asst. to the President,
President of NC Community College System
Pat Schambach President, Nortel Government Sector,
Former CIO of US Transportation Security Administration
Dr. Alfred Aho Former VP of Bell Labs,
Chair of Columbia University, Computer Science Department
S. M. Gavai Council General of India
Bonnie Hancock Former President of Progress Energy
Dr. John Gilligan Vice Chancellor, North Carolina State University
Mark Adams Coach, ESPN Commentator
Dottie Walters Professional Speaker, Author of Speak and Grow Rich
Barrett Joyner President, SAS North America
Armistead Sapp Senior Vice President of R&D, SAS
Dilip Abayasekara President, Toastmasters International
Rick Jakle President of National Speakers Association
P.K. Agarwal CEO of TiE Global
Former CTO of the State of California
Sandy Costa Attorney, Public Speaker
Former President and COO of Quintiles Transnational
Nitin Pradhan CEO Launch Dream, LLC
Former CIO of US Dept. of Transportation
Ajit Sivadasan VP and General Manager
Lenovo eCommerce
Jock Elliott 2011 World Champion of Public Speaking
Record 6 times as World Championship finalist
Mark McClear Vice President of Engineering, Cree
Dr. David Pulman Former President, GlaxoSmithKline
Marshall Brain Founder of, Director of the Engineering Entrepreneurs Program at NCSU, Author